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Cable TV at LGYC

LGYC slips are provided with digital cable service by Spectrum.  You need to obtain a small box from the LGYC office to allow you to access the service.  You need to connect the box to the TV (use HDMI if possible) and to the dockside connector with RG6 coax cable.  See below for more information on connection issues.

After you plug in for the first time or if you are unplugged for any length of time, you get a message on the screen saying that they have detected an interruption in your service. You must call Spectrum and have them send signals to re-activate the cable box. If the cable company does not detect your box connected to the cable and have your box powered up for about a week or so it is automatically disconnected.

Below is the process to connect or reconnect to have the box activated.  Note this is a different number than the previous instructions provided and seems to work well.

 DTA Activation Process for Cable TV at LGYC

Start by going to the clubhouse office and have Ricky or James give you a DTA box, power cord, remote control and connector wires as needed.  Call them at 256 582 4410 if they are not at the office.

1. Get the serial number(s) off the back of your cable box(s). It is something like CTBCFXXXX  If your box is going to be hidden during your installation and not very accessible make sure you have your number written down as you are likely to need it again at some point.

2. Make sure you have everything connected and have rebooted the cable box and TV so you are ready for a signal to activate the box

3. Call Spectrum Community Service at (833) 697-7328.  You may try alternative numbers if first one does not work include (888) 438 2427 and (866) 550 3211 but recent experience indicates you can get to the right place much faster with the Community Service number who is familiar with bulk accounts like ours.

4. You will get an automated message that will ask for phone number - Give them LGYC phone number (256) 582-4410

5. Give them zip code 35976

6. Say "DTA Activation" and "Activate Now" at the voice prompts to get a person that will help.

7. Tell the person you have a CISCO DTA that needs activated and provide the serial number.  Use phonetic alphabet if you can as it can help.

Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliett, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-ray, Yankee, Zulu

8. They will send a signal to reconnect

9. Be aware that we have had some issues with the DTA boxes not working so if it does not work exchange it for anther box, or borrow one that is know to work to confirm your boat wiring and signal is OK before changing to another DTA box.

 If this procedure no longer works when you activate, please let Chuck Wills at know so that he can update the website with improved instructions.

Detailed information on our Cable System and your Boat Connections

When the cable system went digital, the system required each TV to have its own Digital Transport Adapter (DTA), (fancy words for a cable box). This box takes the digital signal from the cable and converts it to a signal your TV can understand. It also only allows you to watch TV when plugged into the cable system at the Yacht Club (Sadness for many that travel}. This modern box has been the crux of many issues with our boats, as our boats were not wired correctly for digital cable signals. Here are a few things to look out for when trying to get good reception with Digital Cable:

The most important thing is signal strength. The digital cable box requires very good signal strength. If you don’t have this, then your picture will be poor and pixelated, and you will notice drop outs. Many of our boats were wired with RG-59 coaxial cable. This type of cable chokes the signal going to your cable box. If you have a short run it might work, but most likely it will cause problems. If you have RG-59 cable, you need to replace it with RG-6 coaxial cable. Not an easy chore as it is usually installed in the boat before the boat was assembled.

The second choke point is any splitters you have in the system. Old splitters were not designed to work with Digital cable and therefore all must be replaced. Again, a challenge to find them buried in the walls of the boat. Don’t assume either that a “digital” splitter from Lowe's will work. The splitter that our cable provider uses is specific to their system, an Antronix 2-way splitter part number CMC2002U, which sells on Amazon for $5, or you can get for free from the cable guy.

The third thing that will kill your signal strength is your Glomex or another brand TV Antenna Amplifier. All boats that have an antenna have an amplifier that resides in the cable somewhere between the connector at the dock and your TV. These amplifiers can choke the signal to the cable box. Since your cable box won’t understand the signals coming from the digital antenna and amplifier, you really need to take this amplifier out of the cable line running from the dock to the cable box. If you are running your Cable Box into an HDMI input on your TV (you should for best picture quality), then you can always run the signal from the antenna and amplifier directly to the coaxial connector on the back of your TV and have free digital TV from the airwaves. This assumes you are in an area that broadcasts digital TV and you have a TV modern enough to have a digital tuner that can use the signal from your antenna and amplifier.

Once you have an RG-6 cable running from the dock to your cable box with new splitters (If necessary) you should have abundant signal strength for a stable clear picture with no dropout on any channel. If you are still experiencing dropouts, you may need to have the cable company come and check the signal level at your slip. 

Lastly, for those that travel to other marinas, when you get there and plug your cable into the dock, you will not get a signal.  Our box is tied to LGYC. At time, if you simply disconnect the cable from the DTA Cable Box and plug it directly into your TV you will get cable TV the good old-fashioned way. 

If all else fails, and you have a working Glomex or other amplified antenna and TV with a digital tuner it might be a good time to check for local broadcast signals in the area you are traveling.  If your amplified antenna is connected to the coax input of the TV, you can typically have your TV tuner search for stations.    

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