Dock Boat Washing Etiquette and Safety

Boat washing is encouraged year-round as it keeps your vessel looking good and improves the overall appearance of the club.  Boat cleaning will help preserve the good looks of your vessel and protect your asset from the unforgiving marine environment.

Always wash your boat safely.  Take care to minimize trip hazards during the washing process to keep the boat washer as well as other members safe.  Use extensions on brushes to allow you to reach surfaces without losing your balance.  Wear slip resistant footwear and maintain solid footing around the dock and on the vessel particularly on wet surfaces.

Select an effective cleaning agent that make the cleaning job easier and not harm the environment.  All boat washing products used at should be non-toxic, phosphate-free, and biodegradable.  Use all cleaners in moderation, and according to manufacturer’s recommendations.  Use of natural products is encouraged.  The most natural cleaner and the best solvent is water. Clean boats often with water, elbow grease, brushes, and coarse cloth. Other natural cleaners include: baking soda, borax, and lemon or lime juice. These natural cleaners should be used in place of solvent-based cleaners. 

When the washing is complete, please put away any hoses, buckets, towels, and tools to make your area both safe and attractive to other members.

At times it may be necessary to connect to a water outlet from another slip due to convenience or issues with the member's water outlet.  Water is provided free to members, so this does not represent a financial concern.  It is critical that the connections are restored to the condition they were in when a water outlet must be borrowed from a neighboring slip.

Special considerations for winter weather:  It is recommended that boats are not washed if freezing conditions are present or forecast in the hours after boat washing.  If washing must be done, precautions must be taken.  Ice on boats and on the docks can be extremely dangerous, and must be avoided.  If boat washing is done and freezing occurs, a warning must be provided on the vessel to prevent owners or others from injury while boarding.  Docks must be treated with a chemical to melt the ice and provide a non-slip surface.  If the docks are wet after boat washing, and freezing temperatures in the forecast the wet areas must be treated before ice forms.

All vessel owners and all boat cleaning services are expected to follow these basic guidelines to keep the club safe.

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