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LGYC assigned slips are all equipped with electrical service, but require members to contract directly with North Alabama Electric Co-op for electric meters and power.  Call North Alabama Co-op at (256) 437-2281 and identify yourself as a member of LGYC and follow the instructions they provide.  You will need to have a signed lease for your assigned slip in order to have power connected which you can obtain by contacting the Office Manager, JoLynn Fussell at (256) 582-4410.  You will need to go to the North Alabama Co-op office and pay a deposit for them to install or turn you meter on.  The process can be a bit tedious so call first and make sure you know which office to go to and what times they are open as they do close for lunch.

Connecting your vessel to the electrical service is done via shore power cable with either NEMA 50 amp SS2-50P Male Twist-Lock or NEMA  L5-30P Male connector into the shore power outlet.  

The proper sequence for connecting shore power to the vessel to minimize shock and fire hazards is:

  • Turn off all circuit breakers on the vessel AC panel.
  • Turn off shore power circuit breakers.
  • Connect the service cord(s) to the vessel power inlets.
  • Connect the service cord(s) to the dockside outlets.
  • Turn on the dockside circuit breakers.
  • Turn on the vessel master circuit breaker on AC panel.
  • Check for correct polarity (most vessels have reverse polarity alarms).
  • Turn on branch circuit breakers.

Reverse this procedure for disconnecting.

Check out the safety section for Shore Power Cable Tips.

Shore Power Cables

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