Safe Grilling: 

Many of us have a propane grill on the back of our boats that we use while on the water.  There are several things to remember about grilling on the water:

  • 1.      Store your propane bottles outside of any enclosed area and away from any source of ignition.  Don’t stow them in a place where fumes could accumulate.  Propane bottles can be stored in a special bag (available at West Marine) that hangs on your bow rail (one option).
  • 2.      Keep your grill away from fuel vents!   Gasoline vapors near a grill could lead to disaster!
  • 3.      Follow the instructions for starting your grill.  The manufacturer usually has a prescribed procedure.
  • 4.      Be sure that you have the correct mounting for your grill.  This will prevent potential damage to your fiberglass hull.
  • 5.      Do not grill with an open flame in your slip or at the party dock.   One small mishap could lead to a catastrophe.   The only approved grills to be used at the club are those at Gossip Hall.

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