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Fuel Docks are open daily from 8 am until noon and 1 pm until 5 pm, unless special arrangements are made.  Call (256) 582-4410, or one of our caretakers directly for assistance.

Fuel sales are to be made to club member’s boats only.  Reciprocity is granted to members of registered yacht clubs.  Members and reciprocal yacht club members may purchase up to 250 gallons of fuel per year for other than member owned boats.

The period during which fire is most likely to occur on a boat is when fuel is being loaded and/or transferred. Usually, engine room spaces are hot, and vaporization is at its highest; consequently, open flames of any type, as well as rotating machinery capable of producing sparks, must be avoided. Further steps should be taken to prevent fumes from leaking into cabins and engine rooms.

The person responsible for the fuel dock at any time will insure that no fuel is handled until:

  • All engines (including auxiliary power units) are stopped.
  • Electric motors (including bilge blowers) are stopped.
  • Cigarettes, cigars, and pipes are fully extinguished.
  • Open flames such as alcohol, butane stoves, and pilot lights are extinguished.
  • Doors, windows, and hatches to cabins and engine rooms are closed.
  • Other recommended safety precautions should be observed before restarting engines.

The fuel docks also include a pump out station where vessel waste tanks can be safely emptied.  No waste can legally be discharged into the inland waterway systems.  Discharge valves from macerator systems must be secured in the closed position to prevent discharge.

The state of Alabama requires an annual test of a vessels Marine Sanitary Device (MSD).  James Hughes, the club Facility Manager, is certified to complete the annual test and issue a valid sticker which must be displayed on your vessel.  The charge for this service is $50.  Contact James to arrange for your annual inspection.

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