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30 Apr 2022 10:27 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Message from the Commodore

Spring is just around the corner and boating and other activities are picking up at the club.  As soon as weather permits, every Friday evening becomes a great way to enjoy the club and to get to know others.  Bring a drink and appetizer and hang out at Gossip Hall.  If you have not been participating, please start joining in the fun.

The Valentine's Day party was a great success and I thank our Entertainment Chairman and wife Dave and Jacque Nyenhuis and the others that helped for making it a great event. 

Friday night dance lessons have been a blast and thanks to Jack Lydick for organizing it. See photo above.

For those that don't know, I am passionate about boating education.  We held a class on Boat Handling that was attended by several LGYC members and by several outside the club.  We will be holding an America's Boating Class on March 19 that will allow new boaters to pass a test to allow them to get a Vessel Endorsement on an Alabama ID or Driving License.  Let me know if you want to sign up or know anyone that needs this boating safety class.

Following the Board of Governors meeting, I held a "Bring your Lunch and Learn" session and plan to continue them as long as we have interest.  We had 25 attend the first session on Anchoring.  We have instructors lined up for the next 2 classes, nautical knots by Pete Van Staagen, and locking through by Gerald Daniel.  If you have a topic you want to hear or one that you want to present. Let me know.

The 2022 Membership Directories have been printed and will be distributed along with your new card for the Association of Yacht Clubs.

Eel grass is a problem we have been trying to figure out.  Goose Pond apparently spent $100,000 on a used machine to clear grass.  One of our members, Greg Dreiling offered to build a machine and it has been out working successfully.  While it is still a work in progress, I want to thank Greg for his time, his effort and financial contribution to helping the club address this problem.  The machine is still a work in progress and one of the next steps is to put the machine on a more stable platform.  If anyone has a old or derelict pontoon boat they can offer to the cause, please let me know.

Beer Club

I would like to thank Paul Tatum for starting something that I believe many at the club will enjoy, see his note below.  A couple of years ago Pete Van Staagen replaced the Kegerators at the club so we can now enjoy keg beer rather than just foam which was my early experience at the club.  While we have had the equipment we have not had beer available on a regular basis. The club has occasionally provided beer for events and members have been able to consume the leftover beer for free until it is gone. Please help yourself to the beer on tap but also donate appropriately or this could be a short lived enjoyment!  

LGYC now has a member funded beer club that caters to the craft beer crowd. We have 5 taps available at the club. Two taps in the new indoor bar, and three taps at the Gossip Hall outdoor bar. The intent of this club is to have craft beer on tap year-round for the club membership that is funded by people who love craft beer. The beer club will promote local craft beer, and we also heartily welcome other selections from distant breweries. So bring your beer and let us sample! The beer we target costs about $2 per pint, depending on the brew. Sometimes it is more, so be aware that $2 per pint is a minimum. We will focus on drinkable 4%-7% abv brews, and will gladly consider recommendations. 

If you want to enjoy craft beer on tap, please contribute to the fund by placing cash in the "Beer Fund" barrel by the taps at the clubhouse bar. You may also contribute via PayPal to Paultatum@bellsouth.net or by Venmo via the QR code on the Beer Fund barrel near the taps. 

If you have any questions about this, please ask Paul Tatum or Bruce Weddendorf.


Life on the lake is great, be safe.  I am here to serve, please call, text, email or flag me down on the dock any time you want to talk.

Chuck Wills, Commodore  willscharles@gmail.com   (256) 506 7773   POSITIVITY

Message from the Vice Commodore

Shipmates! Spring is just around the corner and as you know that is a busy time for the crew at LGYC. James and Ricky have already got the water going on the Party Dock! Thanks to their efforts last year there were only two leaks that needed to be repaired. I think that is probably a record few. The chewy ice machine on the dock is also up and running. The grills at Gossip Hall are being serviced and should be like new soon for spring.

After the BOG meeting this past month, the board split up into four groups to assess the things around the club that need attention. Each of the groups is completing their lists and I will be compiling them and prioritizing them for action. As always, if you see something you think needs attention, please add it to the list in the clubhouse between the restrooms. Please be patient with our crew as there is a lot for them to do.  

The Board of Governors approved several capital projects this month.

The carpet in the Caretaker's house was over 12 years old and it will be replaced with LVP flooring which will be a big improvement.

Larry Hedden is working on making one decent lawn mower out of the two that were used for the past several years.  In addition, the club has purchased a new commercial John Deere Zero Turn Mower which will help the guys get the mowing done faster.  Thanks to Larry Hedden for saving the club nearly $2000 by purchasing it on our behalf, putting it together and delivering it to the club!

Last year the TV room had a big facelift with new paint, lights, electrical, furniture, window treatments and mantel.  The only thing that did not get touched was actual TV.  While the current TV picture is good, most of the inputs have failed and it is complicated to use.  Many have noted that we have a great collection of DVD's but no way to play them and the sound system is old and hard to figure out.  We don't have the ability to use streaming service with the old TV.  The board approved a new 75 inch Samsung QLED TV and sound bar that will update the final element of the TV room that has been lacking.

April is going to be full of activities and the most important is the Club Appreciation Day! (At least it is if you are Vice Commodore) Club Appreciation Day will be April 30th. The following weekend is the Commodore Party, so please plan to come and help tidy up the club and the gardens. Many hand make light work and it is a good way to meet members and build friendships. If anyone wants to take on a specific task, please let me know and I will make sure you have everything you need to get the job done.  

Pete Van Staagen, Vice Commodore  petervs@knology.net   KATINKA TIME

Message from the Rear Commodore

We are at 97 members with 2 new potential members in the process of joining.  We currently have one 40 foot covered slip available and several uncovered slips available.

New member orientation was held with good participation. The bridge and other key members provided information in quick 10-minute rotations that allowed us share of few tidbits of information and to meet with many of the new members.  I want to thank all the presenters for doing a great job an make a special call out for Sarah Grace who offered an amazing display of the club history.  We have a great group of new members and I hope everyone will take the time to get to know them better!

Billy McCarty, Rear Commodore  b.mccarty4@icloud.com  NAUTI BY NATURE

Message from the Entertainment Director

If you missed the Valentine's Day party you missed a good one.  Many thanks to those who helped make it a success!

Mark your calendars for April 2nd.  Immediately following the Board meeting that morning we will have a planning meeting for the Labor Day party.  This is a big undertaking and it takes a lot of people to make it happen.  Also, working on this party is a great way to get to know people and really feel a part of what makes this a Club, not a marina.  Please try to join us in the Clubhouse after the Board meeting (probably 11 - 11:30).

Dave Nyenhuis, Entertainment Committee Chairman  dnyenhuis@mail.com   JOBSITE

Yet another opportunity for fun...

Announcement from the Club will be coming out soon but go ahead and mark your calendars for Saturday, April 16, 2022.  The new City Harbor will be opening soon and there is an opportunity for us to have the first party at the new Southern Brewery at the Silos.  Emmett and Susan Smith in conjunction with Bruce and Jo Weddendorf, using the premise that every day is E's birthday, want to lay claim to LGYC having the first FUN party.  Southern Brewery as graciously allowed us the use of their new facility along with their staff.  They have also agreed to cook a whole hog (apple in mouth hopefully...lol) along with other dishes for those of us that might not be able to eat pork.  The suggested party dinner menu includes:  The Pig..., and shrimp with pepper jelly and chicken breast smothered with gravy, beer cheese, mushrooms & green onions and blackened redfish with grilled pineapple salsa.  There are options for vegetarian and gluten free as well.  All will be served buffet style.  Food tickets (which include 2 drink tickets for beer or wine) will be available to purchase for $32.00 per person.  A cash bar will also be available.  Seth Sullivan Productions (DJ) will be setting up outside, weather permitting, on the new covered patio, lake view included, and will be providing great dance music.  He will set up inside if weather is an issue.  Regardless, bring your dancing shoes and let us celebrate life!  Event schedule - 6-6:30 Cocktails; 6:30-7:30 Dinner; 7:30-?? Music by DJ.

From the Editor

Upcoming Events:3-19-22 Americas Boating Club Course

3-25-22 Turtle Point Event

4-2-22  Board Meeting, Labor Day Planning Meeting, Salute to Commodore and Opening of Short Creek Raft-Out.

4-16-22 Party at Southern Brewery at the Silos

4-30-22  Club Appreciation Day

5-7-22. Commodores' Party

If you have walked the docks lately you may have noticed some changes.  Many boats have moved to new slips so be sure to meet your new neighbor if you have one.  Connie and Ed Grund have sold CONSTANCE and Gail and Gerald Daniel have sold TIDE A KNOT.  The Daniels are now the proud owners of a land yacht and plan to do some long anticipated road travel.  Of course, when I asked Gail where they were going she said their only plan for now is LGYC.  I guess old habits are hard to break!

Patti Gibson is recovering well from knee replacement and Gary said he hopes it won't be too long before she is back aboard SLIP AWAY.  

It was good seeing Jeff and Brenda Henderson back at the Club last weekend.  Brenda had a fall and broke her wrist pretty badly. She is recovering well, 3 weeks post op.

Bonnie Ballard and Curtis Combs are headed south on SATISFACTION next week with The Bahamas as their destination.  I hope they will keep us posted so we can all be jealous!  Bon Voyage, Bonnie and Curtis!

As I am compiling all of the information above we are awaiting a winter storm with potential for up to 3 inches of snow.  Wait... what!?!  When I re-read what Pete wrote about the water being on in Gossip Hall and the ice machine up and running I have to remember that last weekend it was 70 degrees and there were 13 boats on the Party Dock!  What a difference 5 days makes!  But, seriously, spring is just around the corner (right after this snow storm) and I look forward to seeing everyone on the dock soon!

Sarah Grace, Newsletter Editor

sbeckgrace@aol.com   256-337-5677   SARAH G

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