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    Funding fun

    Federal, state programs guarantee boating access

    By Lanier Clegg, Junior Public Affairs Specialist June 22, 2021

    Hank Weldon is a native Alabamian, born in that state 36 years ago. He’s also a traveling man; as director of student and junior tournaments for Bass Anglers Sportsman Society, he’s seen a lot of fishing spots.

    Few, he said, can rival those found in his home state.

    “If you want to go fish deep clear water… you can do it,” says Weldon, who works for a nonprofit organization that promotes angling for America’s most popular freshwater game fish. “If you want to go fish shallow muddy water … you can do it.”

    “It’s all within the state and its all good fishing, no matter where you go.”

    Part of Alabama’s appeal as an angling hot spot can be traced to a federal funding program overseen by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service).

    The program is called the federal Sport Fish Restoration (SFR) Program. It is authorized by the Sport Fish Restoration Act. The money is generated from taxes charged on fishing tackle and boat fuel. The cash pays for fisheries projects, building boat ramps, docks and other related needs on public waterways.

    A foggy morning on the lake with lots of boats.An early foggy morning at Alabama’s Smith Lake Park. This park, as well as others across the state, relies on a mix of state and federal Sport Fish Restoration Program funds to build and maintain boating facilities. Photo credit: Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

    The program apportions money to states in a formula that pays 75% of the costs for approved projects. In Alabama, that means the state received $6.5 million from the program this year.

    From that sum, 15% – almost $1 million – was set aside specifically for public boating access facilities. From that, 60% will pay for new construction; the remaining amount will fund operations and maintain established access sites.

    In real numbers, that means Alabama maintains 114 freshwater-access areas across the state. Each is open 24 hour hours a day, seven days a week. They are also free.

    The state access program, created in 1957, has been a template that creates access to waterways while meeting the demands of the boating public – people like Weldon.

    “You can be riding in a pontoon boat on a Sunday morning or canoeing down the Coosa River,” he said, “…(I)t can be so peaceful and tranquil and can get you away from the business of life.”

    Or you can bring business to your boat. Paul Smith, 55, is a seasoned boater, having first stepped on a deck when he was 2. His boat – a 1979 43-foot Viking - is also his office.

    During the pandemic, Smith has moved his office to his boat while his wife has set up shop in their house. Both now have plenty of room to telework.

    White boat with yellow buoys.Paul Smith’s 1979 43-foot Viking. Photo credit: Paul Smith

    “I can sit in here and work in the boat and step outside and take a 10- to 15-minutes break and go outside and catch at least one crappie,” says Smith, “It’s relaxing.”

    Another bonus: watching birds. Just this year, he’s enjoyed seeing bald and golden eagles and a passing flock of common loons.

    Kay Donaldson shares Smith’s appreciation for floating transportation. Another resident of Alabama, she treasures the time she spends on her pontoon boat. She calls it “rejuvenating.”

    “A day on the pontoon boat with no cell phone, the wind in your hair, and just enjoying watching everybody else … it’s so good for my soul,” says Donaldson, 48. “You’re away from your cell phone, you’re away from the TV, you’re away from all the things that sometimes clutter our minds and our bodies.”

    She also appreciates how boating facilities improve the quality of boating.

    Bald eagle flying over the water with a boating sign out of focus.A bald eagle in flight. Photo credit: Paul Smith

    “People don’t understand how important a boat dock is,” she says.

    For example, a dock is perfect for securing a boat after it has slid off its trailer into the water. A lone boater needs a place to keep the boat until he or she can move the trailer and truck. For that boat owner, no dock means no boating.

    “Freshwater access is imperative,” says Donaldson. “Being able to get access to the water in many different places where you’re not just putting in and having to travel 60-something miles on water is significant.”

    The state provides services to residents as well as visitors, Donaldson adds.

    “They try their very best to provide the best facilities for Alabamians and visitors,” she says. “From the people who enforce the laws out on the water to the people who develop the facilities I really think that we have the best people in place.”

    Chuck Wills, 65, began his love of boating as a teenager enjoying the water with friends on their crafts. Eager to have his own, he worked hard and saved his money. Two years after graduating, Wills purchased his first boat, a runabout.

    A resident of Alabama, Wills depended heavily on the Boating Access Program’s sites as a younger boater. “For the average boater, you can’t take advantage if you don’t have easy access to water,” he says. “It’s critical that you have nice launch ramps.”

    Wills is now a member of a yacht club where he docks is 19-foot runabout and 40-foot Sea Ray motor yacht, but he keeps tabs on his old boat launch. The Boating Access Program recently upgraded the ramp with more parking and a wider launch area. Wills is excited to see these improvements –a benefit for more boaters.

    Retirement has allowed Wills more time to spend on the water At least once a week he and his wife take a cruise. They also like to anchor out and enjoy a night on the water.

    Soon, Wills and his wife, along with 10 other boats, are joining together to travel up the Tennessee River to visit Chattanooga. They’re eager to get going. Life, they know, is as much about the trip as the destination.

    “Its a great way to take in the sunset with friends, Wills says. “It’s always something magical to be out there on the water, taking in the scenery.”


    Lanier Clegg, Junior Public Affairs Specialist
    lanier_clegg@fws.gov, (404) 679-7290

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    Fellow Members,

    I trust you are doing well and that everyone is looking forward the beautiful weather we’re expecting this weekend. It promises to be one of the best weekends so far this year, and I hope to see you at the club.

    I am pleased to announce that this year’s 4th of July party will go on as planned. Our entertainment chairman Greg Creech, his lovely wife Denise, and the entire entertainment committee have planned a great Independence Day celebration as well as a nod to LGYC’s 80th anniversary.

    I am also pleased to announce that, at last weekend’s Board meeting, we voted to remove many of the previous COVID-related restrictions on the use of the club. As a result, the clubhouse is now open subject to the following guidelines:

    • The kitchen is open--

    o Maximum of eight (8) people at any time,

    o Utensils, cookware, and other club wares may be used but must be placed in a dishwasher immediately after use, and

    o Refrigerators will be emptied each morning, and should only be used for short-term food storage. No personal food should be stored overnight in the refrigerators.

    • The TV room is open—

    o Maximum occupancy of eight (8) persons,

    o Staff will wipe down surfaces, remotes, etc.

    • The laundry room is open—

    o Maximum of one (1) member at any time,

    o As both a courtesy and precaution, please do not begin a new load until the previous user’s wash is completed, and do not move or empty another’s laundry.

    • With the exception of the drink dispenser and sink, the clubhouse bar will remain closed—

    o Staff will provide disinfectant spray and/or wipes for member use both prior to and after using the dispenser.

    o Please limit bar usage to one person behind the bar at a time, and do not congregate at the bar.

    o To reduce the risk of touch transmission, please do not use the ice bin.

    Of course, we continue to monitor the Coronavirus situation, and plans and procedures remain in place to mitigate risk to members to the maximum extent practicable. For instance, we have purchased an electric fogger and hospital-grade disinfectant, and we will be fogging the clubhouse, Gossip Hall bar and furnishings, and the furniture in the pool gazebo between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. daily.

    The Bridge and the Board of Governors appreciate the patience all our members have shown as we navigate this unprecedented situation. The measures we have instituted have been done so after careful consideration, research, and advice from state and local health agencies and medical personnel.

    Wishing you all a beautiful, healthy, and happy 2020 boating season.

    Glenn Curenton

    Commodore, 2020

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    Summer has come and gone with the arrival of Winter.  WAIT……What happened to Fall?  Our colors on the river changed too late this year to enjoy a Fall Color Cruise to Chattanooga, but there were a few boats from the club who traveled up river to Knoxville to enjoy the Alabama vs Tennessee game this year.  Aqua Tread, captained by Vice Commodore Shane Wilks, even made it on the news in Tennessee.  His son, Logan, was interviewed by a reporter while docked at the downtown docks with hundreds of other boats.

    On October 6th, we had our General Membership Meeting and Potluck dinner that evening.  The meeting was very informative, and all went well.  As usual, our club cooks were at their best for the evening meal.

    November 8th, our club had the honor again in hosting the Wounded Warriors / Heroes Week festivities.  We had approximately 150 people attending this worthy event.  It always makes me tear up when I see these warriors emerge from the bus and think of all their sacrifices they have given for their country.  Being the wife of a veteran, I know how hard life is in the military, but especially when these soldiers have been in combat situations. 

    Jeff and Brenda Henderson volunteered to hold the American Flags at the entrance to the club welcoming the busload of Warriors.  Crimson Tide V captained by Gerald Daniel had a full crew of Warriors and spouses aboard.  A young couple even took on the role of Captain for a short period of time. 

    Upon leaving the club on their river cruise, the boats ended their time at the City Harbor where a group of people greeted them with cheers and flags being waved.  Conditions were not ideal for standing outside for a long time with a cold wind blowing.  We were grateful for the city in advertising this event so people in Guntersville could participate.  We even had large trucks to blow their horns as they passed by.  Upon their return to LGYC, the Warriors were met with a smiling group of children from Cherokee Elementary School who sang beautifully to our Heroes.  After being serenaded by the choir, Wentzel’s provided a great meal of BBQ and fixings. 

     We want to thank everyone who participated in providing their boats for the cruise.  As always, the sponsors were very grateful to LGYC for their involvement this year. 

    We had a good turnout for the Iron Bowl this year even after everyone was still full of Thanksgiving turkey.

    On December 1st, our Christmas brunch started the holiday season off with a visit from Santa!  We had a lot of smiling children ready for Santa’s visit this year.  The clubhouse was decorated beautifully for the occasion.

    The generosity of our Club members always warms my heart.  The 20 children we adopted this year will have a very Merry Christmas!

     We would also like to thank the Alabama Funeral Directors Association for their donation of $400 to the Marshall County Christmas Coalition in care of LGYC.  They donated this money in appreciation for the use of our clubhouse for their annual meeting. 

    Sarah Grace would also like to add a note to everyone:

    Thank you for your very generous donations to the Christmas Coalition children.  Our 20 children and their parents will be blessed and delighted on Christmas morning thanks to you!  I couldn't do this without the help of Santa's elves, Helen Fachet, Nancy and Larry Hedden, and Diane Beck.  They helped with shopping, organizing and delivering the gifts as well as contributing the stockings for each child.  And, Santa (Larry) is always appreciated when he shows up!  Merry Christmas to you all and thanks again!

    Now for other news around the water:

    The Gift of a Safe Trip Home may Be the Best Holiday Present a Boater Can Get

    SPRINGFIELD, Va., November 26, 2018 – What do you get a boater for the holidays? How about providing some much needed on-water and on-road help – including free tows back to his or her home dock – in case of a breakdown? Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) has three holiday gift ideas that are perfect for any boater, sailor or angler.

    1.            The gift of on-water towing. Give the gift of a BoatUS Unlimited Towing Membership with towing service provided by TowBoatUS. For saltwater boaters, an annual membership is just $149 per year, and for freshwater boaters the price is $72. Both provide 24/7 dispatch assistance, and your boater will never have to pay out of pocket for a tow back to the dock or for a soft ungrounding (the nationwide average cost for on water towing service is $785 for non-BoatUS members). Included with an Unlimited Towing Membership is a subscription to the award-winning BoatUS Magazine; exclusive fuel, transient slip and repair discounts; and the opportunity to earn rewards on boating gear at West Marine stores.

    2.            The gift for roadside breakdowns. For a stocking stuffer that offers big benefits to a trailer boater, consider gifting a BoatUS Membership with Unlimited Trailer Assist for $38 that takes care of roadside breakdowns 24/7. In addition 100 miles of free on-road towing for both a disabled trailer and its tow vehicle to a safe location, lockout, flat tire, battery jump and fuel drop-off services are also included.

    3.            The gift that makes boating better. A BoatUS Membership costs just $24 but includes more than 25 valuable benefits and services, including round-the-clock on-water or roadside dispatch with BoatUS paying the first $50 in towing services, a BoatUS Magazine subscription; exclusive fuel, transient slip and repair discounts; and rewards on boating gear at West Marine stores. Your boater can also take advantage of BoatUS’ national boating advocacy efforts and safe-boating programs including free boating safety courses from the non-profit BoatUS Foundation.

    All of these gifts can be found at BoatUS.com/Gifts or by calling 800-395-2628.

    Murray would like to remind everyone to check in the ship’s store for any mail that might have been delivered or mis-directed to the club that could belong to you.  There is a stack of mail on James’ desk so please take a moment to go through and see if any of it might be yours.  I’ve noticed envelopes from North Alabama Electric Co-op for some and if it’s a bill, your power might be turned off by them if you didn’t know the bill had come to the club instead of your home.

    LGYC New Year’s Eve Masquerade Party

    Entertainment Chair, Billy McCarty, just recently sent an Evite to Save the Date for our LGYC New Year’s Eve Party.  Don’t forget to respond to the Evite so he can get a head count!  Sounds like a great ending to a great 2018 and the beginning of 2019!

    If you live near the Guntersville area and wish to be blessed at this time of year with beautiful music, come to the Guntersville High School on December 14, 15 or 16 for the singing of Handel’s Messiah.  There will be a combined 90 +/- voice choir to present this music.  There is no cost to come to the musical, but they are asking for a love offering to support the local charities. 

    Well, that’s about all for this year’s newsletters.  We’ve had a good year and 2019 should be even better.  HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Until next time, “Keep Calm and Sail On!”  


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    As we ease into the Fall months, we welcome the arrival of college football, colorful leaves and milder temperatures.  There will be a Color Cruise sometime in late fall (if the weather will cooperate and produce our beautiful colors) and Fleet Captain Pete will be sending out an evite in the weeks to come.  If you’ve never been up the river to Chattanooga during the Fall Color change, don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

    We’ve already seen the 1st hurricane of the season, Florence, and thankfully, the system moved through the Carolinas without reaching our neck of the woods.  There was a lot of flooding and structural damage in the Carolinas.  Please remember those affected in your prayers as cleanup continues in that area.  As temperatures cool down, hopefully, this will be the last hurricane of the season.

    We’ve had a few new members to arrive with their boats last month:

    Bruce & Jo Weddendorf have just recently put, Turtle IV, on B dock beside Sam McManus’ Tranquility.  If you haven’t seen their boat, you need to check it out.  It is a beauty!

    New members Gard & Beth Clark arrived last week aboard their Sea Ray, Liberty Two, assisted by Captain Ruddy and have called A dock as their new home.  Those of us, still on the dock one Sunday afternoon, were able to welcome Gard & Beth with a blow of our horns as they made their way onto A dock beside Salvage Crew.

    Hannah Bishop, daughter of Kris and Jennifer Bishop, just returned from a trip this summer to Haiti with the Mission of Hope Organization.  Below, she shares her experience in ministering to those who are less fortunate and in need of God’s word:

    My trip to Haiti this summer was an experience of a life time.  By that, I mean, not many can say they were trapped in a foreign country surrounded by an uprising without the option of coming home! This summer, I was blessed to travel to Port au Prince, Haiti for 8 days and stay with the Mission of Hope organization.  It was the beginning of July and rarely below 100 degrees outside.  It’s safe to say, I now use the saying “It’s as hot as Haiti” with meaning!  Each day there, my team of 30 and I got to host sports camp in a village super close to us.  Over 100 kids, teenagers, and even adults came out! After smiling, laughing, getting invited into their homes, praying & meeting their families, learning about each person, the last morning was hard to say goodbye.  In our afternoons, we painted houses, praying over the walls of each family’s house.  Most of the houses are built with fabric sheets, tarps, sticks, plywood, and other resources we would never even consider using to build houses here.  We attended bible studies in 5 different Haitian churches like we were their special guest!  One day, we even delivered pairs of goats to two families which was a huge deal for them!  The whole trip, we would say “I never want to go home” and “Can I just stay here?”.  Well, we got what we wished for!  A riot broke out in Port au Prince due to the rise of gas prices and the government shut down, along with the airport!  We truly did get to live like Haitians, is all I can say!  It was scary, but it meant we had to put our whole trust in God.  And because of that, I would do it all over again.  I would go back to Haiti even if it meant being stranded there for 4 extra days.  God knows what he is doing in our lives even when we don’t. 

    Pansy Planting Party Saturday, October 27th at 9:00 A.M. Help us make the grounds “blossom”  with pansies!  Refreshments will be provided!

    Clubhouse Christmas Decorations November 25th at 9:00 A.M. Our Christmas party is scheduled for December 1st. Please come and help us decorate the clubhouse for this festive season!

    Turtle Point Yacht Club

    Turtle Point has reserved April 12 – 14, 2019 for their Boater’s Weekend next year.  This is to avoid Easter weekend and the Country Club’s Golf tournament the last weekend of the month.  All those who are interested in playing golf on this beautiful course are urged to “Save the Date”!  Mark your calendars if you wish to attend this event next year.

    NEWS from BoatUS

    The Numbers Are In: Boating Is Big for the U.S. Economy

    BoatUS: “Boating is more than just fun on the water”

    ALEXANDRIA, Va., September 20, 2018 – In a data-driven world, knowing your “numbers” is a crucial part of achieving success. And in the halls of power of Washington, D.C., and 50 state capitals, credible data carries extra weight when it comes to advancing policies and laws that benefit recreational boaters. That’s why Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) is calling attention to today’s release of economic data by the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) that shows the significance of the outdoor industry – and boating in particular – to the U.S. economy.

    First, the numbers:

    • Outdoor recreation accounted for $412 billion of the U.S. gross domestic product, representing 2.2 percent of the overall GDP. This translates to 4.5 million jobs with compensation of $214 billion in the same year. Outdoor recreation contribution to GDP is greater than farming, mining or public utilities, and is comparable to broadcasting/telecommunications. Recreational boating and fishing accounted for $36.93 billion of that total, the single largest category of activities identified in the report.

    “As we work for boaters in Washington and state capitals, this data will help policymakers understand that boating is more than just fun on the water,” said BoatUS Manager of Government Affairs David Kennedy. “For boaters, the BEA data will help BoatUS advocate for laws and policies that support access to waterways and help boaters enjoy a variety of water-based recreation activities.”

    The analysis was a result of passage of the Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact Act of 2016, which required the Department of Commerce, acting through BEA, to enter into a joint memorandum with the Department of Agriculture and the Department of the Interior to conduct, assess and analyze the outdoor-recreation economy of the United States and its effects on the overall U.S. economy.

    The BEA report can be found at https://www.bea.gov/data/special-topics/outdoor-recreation

    Now for a few words from our Safety Guru:

    Hello Yacht Club Friends! 

    Well, the heat of the summer will start fading soon and that means cooler temperatures and higher potential for condensation on boat surfaces especially in the morning or evening.  Most boats have nonslip surfaces in places where one would typically walk, however stepping outside of those areas could mean slippery surfaces and the perfect conditions for a slip and fall.  If you plan to be on such surfaces, wear appropriate footwear such as water shoes that will provide good traction on your boat surfaces.  This is especially important if you plan to wash your boat in the early morning.  Otherwise, the best prevention is to stay on your non-skid surfaces. 

    Remember…. Being aware of your surroundings/environment is key to your personal safety. 

    Should you have any comments, questions or issues regarding safety around the club, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

    Until next time!

    Steve Bosse LGYC Safety Buddy

    That time of the year is nearly here!  Billy McCarty is planning a great time at the old Spookhouse (A.K.A. Clubhouse) for Halloween.  The night of hauntings will be October 27th.  Be watching the skies for the Evite!!

    Remember our General Membership meeting will be this Saturday, October 6th, followed at 6:00 PM by a potluck dinner.  I hope all of you have made plans to attend the informational meeting and have plans to join in the fun at the potluck dinner.  See you there!

    Well, that just about covers the news for October.  November will be fairly quiet around the club with the approach of Thanksgiving and our annual Christmas party shortly thereafter.  The next newsletter will be in December, so if you have any newsworthy items or fun things to put in the newsletter, send them directly to me!   

     Until next time, “Keep Calm and Sail On!”  

    Gail Daniel

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    After a great 4th of July behind us, the lasts week in July, we celebrated Vice Commodore’s Shane Wilks’ 60th birthday!  We were able to keep it “mostly” a surprise with the help of his son, Logan, who drove Aqua Tread at probably the slowest speed EVER!  Susan provided food and fun for everyone.

    Shane sported his fast-paced WHEELCHAIR.  Most people his age don’t drive fast anyway!  Is that a drink in his hand??  The LGYC family showed him a lot of love by the “special” gifts that were given to him. Not only having a birthday in July, his daughter, Sarah Grace gave birth to his 1st grandson.  Here he is with wife, Susan and grandson, Benton.  Grands are the best gift!

     August was a relatively quiet month of boating and water sports.  We did have a big birthday bash to celebrate all of our August birthdays (Thanks to the generosity of Rony & Marti!)   Rony Najjar, Mike Rogers, Don Ross, Susan Smith all celebrated birthdays at the event.

    Summer ended with our Labor Day party.  Kudos to Billy and Paula McCarty for a HUGE SUCCESS with the Scottish Highland Games.  We are still getting feedback from our friends at Chattanooga and Turtle Point who participated in the weekend.  There was a large group of visitors who participated in the wearing of Scottish attire; in some form or another.  Now, as any true Scot will attest, the Kilt is worn without undergarments (Ar-ficially as the Scots would say).  With the temps and humidity in the 90’s, going Commando was “probably” worn by a lot of gents.  Of course, I don’t think anyone really tried to find out WHO was wearing their Kilt Ar-ficially.  At least I didn’t see any selfie sticks…… Our clubhouse was decorated to the “hilt” with the vision of a Scottish castle.  Walk with us through the Scottish fantasy, thanks to the talented ladies of LGYC!  

    The Loch Ness Monster was seen at the beginning of the walkway to the castle.  Thanks to George and Lynn Shanks for a very realistic monster!

    Starting the evening with Scottish bagpipes made the evening complete!  Our friends from Chattanooga and Turtle Point gladly joined in the fun!

     On Saturday, there were games of great feats of strength and agility, such as the Axe throw (a team gave instructions before Axes were thrown), the Hammer toss (nothing but a fender), and the Caber toss which was a 17 FT PVC pipe with a 5 LB weight attached to one end.  All of the Scottish games were accepted with eagerness.  Other games included the Target Golf, Volleyball and LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER which is always a big crowd pleaser since the pot begins with everyone putting in three $5 bills (Chuck Ruddy walked away with a bunch of GREEN and it wasn’t plaid).  

    Our yachters from Chattanooga were the big winners of the Scottish games.  Mr. Muscle, Mike Hagaman outthrew everyone in the Hammer toss.  Below is a picture of all those who won from Chattanooga:

     A group of ladies from Chattanooga dressed in their Axe Throwing attire (Bad Axes).  They were pumped and impressive.

     Our Skeet Shooters were out in force with Tommy Gray coming in second with Tom Vick winning with 9 out of 10 in the 3rd round shoot off.  The spectators were holding their breath as the clays flew!



    Gerald was there to assist any new shooters like Amanda Smith, Chris Creech’s fiancée.  All of our range safety officers have been through a certification course with the NRA.

    Thanks to Ardell for the spectacular photos of the Labor Day weekend from the air via Drone!  It was a weekend to remember for years to come!

    On September 8th, it was time to celebrate some September birthdays.  The birthday girls were Brenda Henderson and Sharon Gray.  Happy Birthday Ladies!


    The October General Membership meeting will be on October 6th.  We hope to see everyone there for this important meeting.  You should be seeing an Evite to the meeting from Billy McCarty with information about the dinner that evening.

    Well, that just about covers the news for September.  We’ve had a busy and fast paced year.  As we near the end of 2018, we have a lot of good memories to “reflect” on.  One of the pictures from a Chattanooga visitor says it all about our special place here on the lake…..it’s pure beauty!

    Until next time, “Keep Calm and Sail On!”  


    News lady Gail 

  • 1 Aug 2018 7:57 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Ahoy Matey’s,

    Our summer weather has started off with late afternoon storms that have brought torrential rains to the area. The water levels have fluctuated a lot over the last month or so. The spillway at the dam has been open for the last couple of weeks and the level today (June 30th) has the water just below the stationary docks. Please be aware that there is a lot of debris in the water from all of the storms.

    LGYC extends its sincere condolences to Sara Walker Koizol and family in the death of her husband, Kevin, today. Please be in prayer for Sara and her family during this time of loss.

    Click the link below for the full newsletter.

    JULY 2018 NEWSLETTER.pdf

  • 1 Jul 2018 8:45 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Ahoy Matey’s,


    It looks as though we are in for a wet summer this year.  We’ve already experienced the first tropical storm of the season with Alberto.  Fortunately, Alberto did not unleash multiple tornadoes as he moved through Alabama.  We are seeing the last remnants of this storm today, June 1st, and hope to see “blue skies from now on”.  Hmmm….sounds like lyrics to a song. 

    To access the full newsletter click the link below:

    June 2018 Newsletter rev.pdf 

  • 1 Jun 2018 8:14 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Ahoy Matey’s,

    Well, it looks as though Spring has finally arrived at LGYC.  The roses are in bloom and after a successful Club Appreciation Day; the complex has been spruced up.  Here are just a few pictures of our hard-working club members adding beauty to the complex:

    For the full newsletter, click the link below.

    May 2018 Newsletter rev.pdf

  • 1 May 2018 8:53 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)



    Ahoy Matey’s!


    With the opening of boating season on April 7th, the club is now beginning to come alive with members ready for warmer weather and fun water activities. 

    For the full newsletter, click the link below:

    April 2018 Newsletter.pdf

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